Welcome to Boxgum Grazing 

Boxgum Grazing is a family owned farming business passionate about producing high quality food and a beautiful productive rural landscape. When dealing with us you are dealing directly with the farmer and can get to know comprehensively the provenance of your food and how it is produced.

At present we produce 100% grass fed beef and genuine free range pastured pork, which we market directly to customers in our region of NSW and throughout the ACT. You will find us every Saturday at the Capital Region Farmers Markets at EPIC and our collection point in Kingston. Simply submit an order to experience our produce for yourself.

Grass Fed Beef

Buy tasty and tender Boxgum Beef from our herd of predominantly Angus cattle that are 100% grass fed and receive no biocides or growth hormones.

Free Range Pork

To taste sensational free range pork try Boxgum Pork. The sows farrow outdoors and the weaned piglets grow out in the woodland areas where we use their natural instincts to breathe life into the land.