Welcome to Boxgum Grazing 

Want to know how your food is produced? Come along to our annual Open Day on the 7th of May and learn all about what we do here on farm.

The day will include a farm tour, where you can meet the animals as well as a tour of our butchery and smokehouse. Lunch will provided with a picnic in the paddock.

Tickets can be purchased  here.

Grass Fed Beef

Buy tasty and tender Boxgum Beef from our herd of predominantly Angus cattle that are 100% grass fed and receive no biocides or growth hormones.

Free Range Pork

To taste sensational free range pork try Boxgum Pork. The sows farrow outdoors and the weaned piglets grow out in the woodland areas where we use their natural instincts to breathe life into the land.