About Boxgum Grazing

Boxgum Grazing is managed by Sam and Claire Johnson on Windermere a 1500 hectare multi-generational property near Young on the South West Slopes of NSW.

The farm supports a diverse mix of perennial grasses and box gum woodlands and our stewardship is focused on increasing the biodiversity and biological health of this landscape along with its productive capacity.

Boxgum GrazingWe are passionate about land management, regenerative agriculture, local employment and producing excellent food. We see no reason that great outcomes for wildlife conservation and species diversity can't coexist with the production of healthy food.

It is our vision to create a vibrant, diverse farm; a polyculture of complementary businesses that produce nutritious healthy food, real incomes and livelihoods and a landscape of diversity and beauty.

We consider ourselves gardeners of the landscape where the tools we use are the technology of water pipe and electric fencing, domesticated animals such as cattle and pigs and all the plants and biological life we can encourage. With these we aim to produce fertile biologically active soils, a tapestry of wildlife and native species and healthy, nutritious food for people.

After becoming frustrated with the reality of commodity markets, where food production is dominated by large companies churning out a generic product, we are returning to relationship marketing. With a transparent line of sight from the paddock to the plate, we market direct to people who want excellent food, are concerned about the consequences of 'industrial food' and understand the vital connection between healthy land and healthy food.


As it is central to our philosophy we stand by the quality of food we produce, our commitment to the animals and their welfare and the long-term ecological health of our landscape. We believe in full transparency and encourage anyone interested to come and see for themselves how to animals and land are managed. There are no locked gates, quarantine signs or public relations spin. If you are not satisfied with our product, there is a money back guarantee.


“Another sensational Boxgum Grazing steak. Seriously... I die and go to heaven EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.”

Melissa – Canberra