The opportunity is offered to people who are interested in regenerative farming practises and may be considering a farm enterprise to work and learn alongside us. The internships would be for a minimum of four weeks and could be for longer on mutual agreement. If you have a passion or desire to produce excellent food and want to learn to manage or build viable farm enterprises please feel to contact us and we will talk about the possibilities.


As it is central to our philosophy we stand by the quality of food we produce, our commitment to the animals and their welfare and the long-term ecological health of our landscape. We believe in full transparency and encourage anyone interested to come and see for themselves how to animals and land are managed. There are no locked gates, quarantine signs or public relations spin. If you are not satisfied with our product, there is a money back guarantee.


“Another sensational Boxgum Grazing steak. Seriously... I die and go to heaven EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.”

Melissa – Canberra