Boxgum BeeF


As a grazing property our cattle herd is central to producing the ecologically vibrant, happy and financially stable farm we desire. Our management is based on the pioneering concepts of Holistic Management created by Allan Savory.

As such we consider the cattle herd as a large single “mowing–munching–scuffling–trampling–dunging” tool to recycle carbon and invigorate the biology of the soil. They graze an area at high density for a short period of time, a few days at most, before moving on. The pasture is then given time to fully recover before the next grazing. This “pulsing” strategy is tremendously powerful in stimulating biological activity, capturing carbon and shifting the grassland towards perennials and away from annual species and weeds.

When managed in this manner there is no need to use crutches such as antibiotics, growth hormones or biocides and because our cattle are 100% grass fed Boxgum Beef is richer in antioxidants and omega-3 fats and has less omega-6 fats than animals standing in feedlots eating grain based diets.



As it is central to our philosophy we stand by the quality of food we produce, our commitment to the animals and their welfare and the long-term ecological health of our landscape. We believe in full transparency and encourage anyone interested to come and see for themselves how to animals and land are managed. There are no locked gates, quarantine signs or public relations spin. If you are not satisfied with our product, there is a money back guarantee.

“Another sensational Boxgum Grazing steak. Seriously... I die and go to heaven...
— Melissa, Canberra