Boxgum Pork


An integral component to the farm is our free range pastured pig enterprise. As with our cattle the pigs are managed so they contribute to diversity, fertility and soil health, while producing fantastic and nutritious pork.

Our sows live their lives out on the pasture and have access to portable huts that are bedded with straw so they can build a nest in which to farrow their piglets. When compared to distressing photos of sows from intensive systems confined to farrowing crates, to witness a sow on pasture fulfilling that instinctual urge and building a nest is a great sight and a great feeling.

After 6 weeks the piglets are weaned and moved to the woodland areas where there is ample shade and shelter and their natural pig behaviour is of great benefit. Utilising portable electric fencing and housing we move them to a fresh area each week. They forage and root amongst the trees and pasture while having access to a medication-free ration of grains, protein, minerals and kelp powder.

During hot weather we provide additional water for them to make wallows to cool down and don’t they love it; they just carry on like they are at some crazy festival. During cold, wet weather we fill the huts with straw and they all just snuggle in and on top of each other.

The pork produced by our happy free ranging pigs on pasture is sensational in taste and texture and notably different from the pork produced by intensive and less sanitary methods. Why not come and see for yourself? Our operation is completely transparent; we are proud of the way we produce our food and are pleased to be able to offer it direct to you.



As it is central to our philosophy we stand by the quality of food we produce, our commitment to the animals and their welfare and the long-term ecological health of our landscape. We believe in full transparency and encourage anyone interested to come and see for themselves how to animals and land are managed. There are no locked gates, quarantine signs or public relations spin. If you are not satisfied with our product, there is a money back guarantee.

“Another sensational Boxgum Grazing steak. Seriously... I die and go to heaven...
— Melissa, Canberra