Boxgum Philosophy

As this is my opening blog I'd firstly like to welcome you to the website and world of Boxgum Grazing and give you an understanding of our philosophy. Claire and I are passionate about producing great food at an affordable price and doing so in a way that builds both the productive capacity of the farm and the environment for all the other species that live here. We firmly believe that healthy nutrient rich food comes from biologically active soils and it is our role as farmers to manage the plants and animals so as to increase the health of the soil and its capacity for sustaining life. 

Through the blog we want to offer a window into the farm in order to explain our management and educate people about how food production can also be a part of a great outcome for the broader environment. In other words you don't have to degrade the environment in order for people to eat. Under the industrial food models so often we are told that animals have to be run in an intensive factory farm manner, that soils and plants have to be drenched with various chemical fertilisers and sprays and that monocultures are the only way to go. This is very myopic thinking which, while it may have some short term success in terms of cheap food, in the long term will lead to both a degraded environment and the loss of nutrients in our food and hence the ability to sustain human health. 

We also want the blog to be a forum, a place for us to interact with our customers or anyone interested in healthy food and healthy land. To this end we encourage you to comment on issues raised in the blog or to raise issues or queries that you want us to respond to.