pasture-raised, heritage breed pork

Our pigs live their lives on pasture, free to forage and root amongst the eucalypt trees as instinct dictates. Every week they are moved to a new area giving them constant access to fresh grass and undisturbed soil. This not only means healthier and happier pigs, it embraces our commitment to regenerating the landscape.

We have a mixed herd of two heritage breeds - Hampshire and Berkshire - selected because of their adaption to a life grazing and foraging. And most importantly, because they produce a pork with an unrivalled depth of flavour. A pork that has a naturally darker colour, sweeter taste and excellent covering of fat. The way it should be.

holistically managed, grass-fed beef

Our cattle herd is central to our regenerative approach to farming. As such we treat them as a large single “mowing–munching–scuffling–trampling–dunging” tool to recycle carbon and invigorate the biology of the soil. They graze an area at high density for a short period of time, before moving on. The pasture is then given time to fully recover before the next grazing. This “pulsing” strategy is tremendously powerful in stimulating biological activity and sequestering carbon in the soil.

When managed in this manner, our cattle have no need for crutches such as antibiotics or chemicals. They eat nothing but grass. This produces a deep, rich flavoured beef, speckled with the uniquely yellow fat of a truly grass fed animal.

Grasslands and grazing animals evolved together, and when this is understood and respected the benefits to both are huge.